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Music Lovers :🇺🇸 24K Magic

2016, 24K Magic- Bruno Mars ,

songwriter:Philips Lawrence, Christopher Brody Brown ,

anyway, the party is going strong⤴️🎵❗

i don't understand the lyrics full of slang, but it makes me feel good❗

‘‘head to toe so player ’’ = hopeless player ❔❕

〜🌿 i saw a video of him singing an Elvis's song 🎵Trouble when he was young,

i think he sings that song because of his parents' influence,

歌詞が、スラングだらけでよく解りませんが、head to toe so player は どうしょうもない遊び人🎵 といったところか?


〜🌿ブルーノ マ-ズの幼き頃の動画で、エルビスのトラブルを歌ってる、カワイイ姿をみました。ご両親の影響かな?と想像してます。

-pop , dance music, R&B, soul,pop,R&B

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