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🇦🇺Olivia Newton-John🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

1973, album- let me be there🎵

that's a good album, 🎵take me home country roads, heartbreaker, let me be there, country roads, she sings john's song brilliantly🎤🎵 let me be there,

If there was such a girlfriend the man would be happy😍❗️

1975, have you never been mellow🎵

it was a big hit worldwide❗️🎵

becoming Olivia, the girls sang🎤❗️🎵 1978, 🎵Jolene, I like this song,

and musical film/movie,* Grease * you're the one that I want🎵the duet🎤👫🎤 between her and John Travolta is amazing❗️❗️🐬I was surprised at her singing ability again❗️🎤the song of the conversation between the two is wonderful❗️

🎵 xanadu, physical, she continued to sing hit songs,

Great achievements in making country more pop and spreading it worldwide,🎵

-pop country-pop

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