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🇨🇦 Rude

2014,  Don't Kill The Magic- Magic!

🎵‘‘ i won't hand over my precious daughter to you  ’’

‘‘ Please,  Give me your daughter  ’’

the concept of the reggae beat proposal song is unique🎵

Both their performance and m-videos are fun and make me smile 🙂

🎸 Mark Pellizzer,  his guitar play is really good ,

🥁 Alex Tanas,  his fun drumming is also good❗

🎤Nasri Atweh,   and   Adam Messinger ,  these two  are talented songwriters ,

Nasri Atweh, he was influenced by Bob Marley and police,

its sound is  Magic❗

🌿i want to go to Toronto once(Music,  theater,  Art )





-pop, reggae

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