folk, pop

🇨🇦 A Case of You

1971, Blue- Joni Mitchell,

songwriter:Joni Mitchell,

could this song be about how she felt when her relationship with Graham Nash ended ?

in this song , her singing and James' guitar intertwine really well🎤🎸🎵

‘‘ i am constant as a (the)northern star ’’

i don't know if he actually said that line , but her expression quoted a line from novel(jurius Caesar- W. Shakespeare),

she expresses the subtleties of the heart in various ways ,

she delicately expresses love and loneliness ,

CSN&Yの グラハム ナッシュとの恋の終わりの曲、と言われています、ジェ−ムス テイラーのギターが、彼女の歌と実によく絡み合った、美しい曲です🎵🎤🎸

-folk, pop

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