new-wave pop rock

🇩🇪 99 Lcftballons

1983,  Nena-  Nena,

songwriter:joern- Uwe Fahrenkrog- Petersen ,   Carlo Karges ,

Ilove 80' keyboard sound🎹🎵

🎸 Carlo,  he saw a lot of balloons at the Stones concert🎵 he got a hint from there and made a song with a keyboard player,  it became an anti- war song  with light rhythm 🎵

🎵99 Red balloons, the English version has slightly changed lyrics, It's a also nice  arrangement🎵

🎤 Gabriele Nena Kerner,

🌿〜🎵 nur getraumt , this song was not a worldwide hit,  but  it is a song  that conveys her charm,

it seems that many flying object will appear in the future .

-new-wave, pop, rock

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