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🇫🇷 L'Amour est Bleu ( Love is Blue)

1968, Blooming Hits- Paul Mauriat &his Orchestra ,

songwriter:Andre Popp, Pierre Cour ,

1967, 🎤Vickie Leandros sang this song in ( Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Europeenne )

After that , Paul Mauriat arranged it as an instrumental song ,

he used the sound of the electronic harpsichord very effectively, and strings in the second half is a splendid performance that makes you feel uplifted,

the French version of the English version of the lyrics also expresses sadness, but , the japanese version expresses the joy of love,

many japanese people have feelings for this song 🎵

〜🌿1939' Paul Mauriat , he graduated at the top of his class(solfege)from The Marseille Regional conservatory of music.


ポール モ−リア オ-ケストラの演奏で、日本でも大ヒットしました。

電子チェンバロと、後半のストリングス サウンドが素晴らしいです🎵

このオ-ケストラ サウンドに、想い入れのある人は多いのではないでしょうか❗🎵




-easy listening, instruments , music, popular Orchestra

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