hard rock, blues rock rock

🇬🇧 Pictures of home🎵

1972, Machine Head- Deep Purple🎸

🎵pictures of home, Ian Paice- drums,

his drumming is amazing❗️❗️on this song, accurate and amazing drumming,

this album is a masterpiece,

I clearly remember the shock of listening to this album for the first time, the boys were crazy🎸about Ritch's guitar playing❗️

Akira Takasaki🎸 he was influenced by this album, his roots in guitar playing are this album,

vocal- Ian Gillan

keyboard - Jon Lord

guitar- Ritchie Blackmore

bass- Roger Glover

drums- Ian Paice

it's their golden age❗️❗️🐬

-hard rock, blues rock, rock

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