hip hop , soul reggae

🇯🇲 Simple Blessings

2017, Simple Blessing- Tarrus Riley feat. Konshens ,

songwriter:Omar Riley , Garfield Spence ,

Jordan Gregory McClure ,

this song sings about the importance of reflecting on one's family ,

his singing voice adds depth to entire song ,

he creates music that inherits the tradition of reggae while also incorporating modern music(hiphop)

🎤Konshens, he is an excellent dancehall artist🎵

his music is not only fun and danceable , but also expresses emotion and love .

listening to their collaboration song made me feel calm and kind today ,

thank you 🎵❕

ヒップホップ系のア−ティストが、 家庭を省みる事の大切さ、を歌うなんて、素敵です🎵

メロディアスで深みのあるボーカルの、トーラスと、 エクセレントなダンスホール ア−ティストの、コンシェンス、とのコラボは、最高です🎵🎤


-hip hop , soul, reggae

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