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🇯🇵My Country

1978, California Shower- Sadao Watanabe,

songwriter:Sadao Watanabe , Dave Grusin ,

a sad saxophone melody, and, 🎵California Shower , it's a pop sound 🎵 it was the sound that arrived ,

🎹 Dave Grusin , his arrange and playing is also good🎵

through the limits of japanese playing jazz and despair ,

when japanese players come into contact with authentic jazz, they will be shocked and will not be able to play ,

a world where only those who overcome it can survive ,

〜 when he met Gary McFarland , he was awakened to the charm of BossaNova music,

and, Dave Grusin as producer ,

78' here, suitable for the times , a bright and light jazz album was completed🎵






その後、ボサノバ奏者の Gary McFarlanとの出会い等を経て、78' にDave Grusinをプロデューサーに迎えて、当時26才ぐらいのギタリスト、リーリトナー等と共に、時代にあった、明るく、心地よい、ジャズアルバムを世に出しました。

-fusion, jazz

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