hip hop , soul rap

🇺🇸 21 Questions

2003,  Get Rich or die Tryin' -  50 cent ,

21 questions feat  Nate Dogg ,

this is a his style-love song,

will you love me no matter what my circumstances ?

are you my soulmate ?

he asked her for true love ,

2000'   he was shot in trouble ,

record lavel kept well away from him,

after that he worked as a rapper in canada,

Eminem ,  he saw his activity in a similar circumstances and gave a helping hand to him ,

〜🌿 he's been a drug dealer since he was 12 ,

he crawl up from the bottom.



そんな彼に、手を差し伸べる人物がいた。  エミネムだ❗






-hip hop , soul, rap

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