🇺🇸 All this love

2003,  A Twist of  Motown- Lee Ritenour,

sounds perfect for Summer mornings🌿 his acoustic sound is also great🎸

light fusion sound is comfortable🎵

this is an album of plans, it's a good sounds,

although story changes,

1975,   Polnareff   U. S. A -  Michel polnareff,

he is a French pop-star 🎵

Lee 🎸 he participated in his album,

at that time,

i was happy that a talented guitarist like him participated in this album🐬

🎵 come on,  lady blue ,    his guitar play is great❗i was listening to this album every day when i was a junior high school student,

unfortunately  it didn't do well in US , but i love this album,

he is top notch in both solo and support🎸🎵

he is a Great guitarist🎸🎵






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