R&B rock

🇺🇸 are you lonesome tonight

1960,  Elvis Presley,

songwriter:Turk Roy ,  Handman Lou,

it's a memorable song🎵🐬

when i was in junior high school,  i asked my neighbor's brother to listen to the song,

he who sings like talking to a woman is cool,

‘‘ you know someone said that the world's a  Stage ,  and each must play a part  ’’ 〜 world is a stage 〜 📖 Shakespeare❗

i and you will play the role of lovers,

the lines on the way are also talking with strength and  weakness,

How sweet🎵❗

an answer song to Elvis's question was also born,

〜and now, i also watched the video of Norah Jones's version,

the guitar is a little Hawaiian and it's a nice performance🎵

i'm happy that his song continues🎵🐬








-R&B, rock

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