hawaiian R&B

🇺🇸 Harbour lights

1960,  Reflection- The Platters ,

1937 ,  songwriter:Jimmy Kennedy , Hugh Williams ,

60',   they sings in a  soft- R&B style,

sound effects such as steam whistle, seagulls , and the sound of  waves are nice 🎵

58' Elvis ,  he recorded with whistling ,  his singing is also sweet and feels good🎵

when i was young,  i listened to this song as a romantic song,  actually,

this song is heart-break song ,

〜🌿 we dated at the Hotel Bar 🍸

and  stared at the harbor lights together, it's a sweet and nostalgic memory ,

love is most romantic at the beginning of a relationship 🐬






-hawaiian, R&B

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