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🇺🇸 Have yourself a Merry little Christmas🎄

1948,  Christmas songs by  Frank Sinatra -  Frank Sinatra ,

1944,  musical movie-  Meet me in St. Louis ,

songwriter:Hugh Martin ,  Ralph Blane,

this song was sung as an insert song for this musical film,

one day, the family decided to move to New York ,

the 5 year-old sister girl in the movie is depressed about moving ,  she didn't want to be separated from her friends,

and  ,  older sister  Ester(Judy)sing to cheer up depressed younger sister,

at least for now ,  let's have a little christmas,

this girl's sad expression is also indescribable ,

in the movie, the move ends up being cancelled,

〜 Frank Sinatra asked the lyricist,

the content of the lyrics is lonely and simple , so he changed it to a brighter content,

the overall nuance of the lyrics is different,

🎵next year all (from now on), the melody in this passage is wonderful🎵

the choir's humble chorus is also wonderful ,

🎤he makes us feel happy and gorgeous,

have a heartwarming Christmas🎵


フランク シナトラは明るい感じに歌詞を変えて、歌ってます。






-christmas song,, inserted song, jazz vocal, movie music

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