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🇺🇸 How's it going to be

1997,  Third eye Blind- Third eye Blind,

songwriter:Kevin Cadgan ,  Stephan jenkins ,

at the time , they made their debut with ‘Elektra Records’   famous for the Doors , this record company has a good sense for discovering new talent🎸🎵

they sang  about the feelings of a Young man with a sense of loss🎵

jenkins and Eric Valentine,  their producing is good❗

🎸 Kevin Cadogan , he is gifted in music,  but  , why was he kicked out of the band ?  after releasing album ‘Blue’,



ギターのケビン キャドガンは、作曲能力があり、ジェンキンスとともに、バンドの要だったのに、何故、解雇されたのでしょうか? ジェンキンスとトラブったのかなぁ?







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