🇺🇸 Ko-Ko

2000,  Ken Burns's Jazz- Charlie Parker,

it's a transcendence skill,  shred saxophone🎷❗

this play consists of adlibs along chord progression ‘🎵Cherokee’

〜〜🌿 American indians  iroquoian ianguages ,  people used to blow wooden whistles (american flute)

〜🌿 people were deported to  Oklahoma, it's a sad history.

Raymond Noble,  he touched their musics  ,  it  seems that it was a love song of their people , and ,

1983,  he wrote the song (indian suite  5),  Cherokee ’ is the one of the song,

it's all strange ,   i feel nostalgic whenever i listen to this melody🎵

84'  this song was played in a Charlie Barnet & his Orchestra,

after  ,Charlie Parker also played 🎵cherokee,

there ,  you can hear the melody🎵

ko-ko はチェロキーという曲の、アドリブの箇所で出来ている曲です。

チェロキーは、レイモンド ノ−ブルさんが、チェロキー族の音楽に触れて、作った、組曲の中の一つです。

チャ-リ- パ-カ- も、演奏してます、










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