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🇺🇸 Mr. Moustache

1989,  Bleach- Nirvana ,

the rough and sharp sound is attractive ,

it felt like they weren't just another punk band 🎸

i don't know what the lyrics mean,

is it a song about hating old man with moustaches ?

but  ‘‘i’m You ’’

〜 he might be thinking like this(i can't really say things about other  people)

口髭の男を嫌っている歌かなぁ? コイツ、嫌な奴だぜ、と思っているのか?

でも、(i’m You)とあるように、 俺も人の事、言えねぇ〜な。みたいな感じかなァ?



-alternative rock, grunge, rock

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