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🇺🇸 Night Streets

1976.My Spanish Heart- Chick Corea,

i watched a live performance in a video🎵 🥁 Steve Gadd, he is an incredible, Well - balanced drummer🥁❗🐬

the base is not Stanley,  but he is also a good player🎵❗

🎹 Chick ,  it's good that he is playing while listening to the guitarist's sound🎸🎵, and  his participation in the rhythm is moving❗🐬

his participation in percussion may be unusual and good🎵 i like that scene🎵🐬

his music is not  just fusion music,

he conveys the depth of  Latin music with his  high playing technique🎹🎵

he has many works , so he has taken various approaches in that era🎹🎵

your music will  save me ,  thank you

Chick 🎹🎵❗🐬




-jazz, jazz, fusion

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