folk, rock rock

🇺🇸 Positively 4th street

1965,  67, Bob Dylan's Greatest hits- Bob Dylan,

at that time,  he changed from folk to Rock🎵 he is sarcastic about folk fans with old ideas,

but ,  i also understand the feelings of old folk fans,

they were lonely as Dylan seemed to move away from them,

and , also   , he wanted to acknowledge his changing self,

and ,  his change to Rock became a big topic in the popular world,

and  considering his success after  that ,  it was meaningful🎵🐬

🌿 he replied that there was a singer who wanted him to sing his song🎵

that singer 🎤is  Elvis  Presley❗❗

he was  mentally  Rock - oriented,

i got hot in this episode🎵❗🐬

-folk, rock, rock

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