Blue-Eyed soul pop rock

🇺🇸 Rich Girl

1976,  Bigger than Both of us- Daryl Hall & John Oates,

Sara Allen ,  she is a songwriting partner🎵 she had a boyfriend,

originally lyrics,   it seems  to be her boyfriend,

it seems to be a song about a boy who  relies on his father's money,

i think it means something like this,

→ how about relying on something that isn't your own money ?

turned ‘ him ’into ‘her’🎵

then ,  it changes to this meaning,

→ A  Girl dating a rich uncle🎵

It's an interesting episode of  lyrics making ,

there was no day when their hit song didn't play,   they are Super- Duo ❗

my youth Duo 🌿🎸🎤🐬


-Blue-Eyed soul, pop, rock

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