rock swamp country swamp rock swamp rock, blues rock

🇺🇸 Run through the jungle

1970,  Cosmo's factory- Creedence Clearwater Revival ,

run through without looking back❗

i like his powerful singing voice ,

John Fogerty🎤🎸

i can feel  his anger more than usual,

considering the historical back ground,  this song is anti- war song  ‘vietnam war’ ,

🎵 Have you ever seen the rain ,

contrary to public perception,

the person himself seems to deny that it is anti-war song,  he says it's a song about the  band's dead end,

🎵 Fortunate son (Willie and the poor boys  69' )

it is a song that sang about the problems that America contained,

‘‘the rich make war,  the poor are forced to fight ’’

he served two years in the military,

he must have thought about the war,

he really love America,

that's why ,  he also wrote critical songs ,

i was sometimes encouraged, sometimes made me think.

-rock, swamp country, swamp rock, swamp rock, blues rock

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