🇺🇸 Tea for Two

1950,  Tea for Two- Doris Day & Gordon MacRae,

songwriter:Vincent M . Youmans,  Irving Caesar , 1924,

this song was used in a musical comedy movie-  no , no  Nanette (25'),

i was exposed to her songs and movies when i was about ten years old (1971),   Doris Day❗she was so charming with curly blond hair👗

i really like her because she was an American actress ,

i like also  🎵Que  sera, sera ( whatever will be, will be )−the man who knew too much- Hitchcock's movie (56'),  listening to this song made me feel bright ,

58'🎵Tea for Two  cha - cha ,    hit dance number -(Tommy Dorsey & his orchestra),

63' 🎤Anita  O'Day ,  she sang  in scat with saxophone, trumpet ,  her singing voice of that dialogue was wonderful🎵

now,  it's a jazz standard ,


余談ですが、曲のタイトルをきくと、関係ないですが、L.ツェッペリンのプレゼンスの最後に入っていた、🎵一人でお茶を、をいつも思い出します、こちらは、スローなブルースロックですが、ロバートプラントが、少しパロディー的に、タイトル ネ-ミングしたのでしょう🎵

〜☘️ ドレスデイさんは、明るく美しく、チャ-ミングでした🎵🐬











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