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🇺🇸 the end of the World

1962,  the end of the World- Skeeter Davis,

songwriter:Arthur Kent ,  Sylvia Dee,

i like this song , (i wake-up in the morning, and i wonder〜🎵)this part is a bittersweet melody🎵🐬

this  song is a song that sings  a farewell to an important person,

it doesn't seem like a heartbreak song ,

this  song is covered by many singer (Brenda Lee ,  Karen 〜)

same in japan🎵

☘️ lyricist, Sylvia  Dee ,

i like her lyrics,   ( too young- Nat ‘King Cole,    moonlight swim - Elvis Presley )


竹内まりやさんの、2003,のカバーアルバム、Longtime Favorites に収録されているこの曲は、実にグッドです🎵










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