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🇺🇸 Turn ! Turn ! Turn!

1965,  Turn ! Turn ! Turn !- The  Byrds ,    Old Testament ,  Ecclesiastes chapter 3 (words of  Koheleth)

consist of the first eight verses of the third chapter ,

1959,  Pete Seeger added the word ‘‘ turn ’’ ,

he is a great folk singer,

African- American civil rights movement(50'〜60'),  he composed many songs that symbolized the movement ,

〜🌿65'  The  Byrds ,  they splendidly  spread to the world as folk rock , 🎸 Roger Mcguinn, his guitar play is nice again🎵❗

i am moved by the fact that thoughtful lyrics (verses)have been handed down 🐬





-folk, rock, folk, soft rock

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