pop soft rock

🇺🇸(you don't have to )Paint Me a Picture

1965, Gary Lewis & The Playboys - Gary Lewis& The Playboys,

songwriter:Snuff Garrett, Leon Russell, Roger Tillison,

🎤🥁Gary Lewis is good player🎵

his father is a famous American comedian,

Jerry Lewis❗

🎵playing bright horns puts you in a good mood , refreshing beats and melodies invite me to a nostalgic era ,

Leon Russell , he is a good composer, and arranger , he collaborated with The Ventures🎸,etc

🎵Superstar, a song for you - Carpenters ,

these songs are songs with important my memories🌿


カーペンタ−ズのヒット曲、🎵スーパースター等のコンポーザーで知られる、レオン ラッセルの編曲が、素晴らしいです🎵

-pop, soft rock

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