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🇺🇸 Blank Space

2014, 1989- Taylor Swift ,

songwriter:Max Martin, Johan Shellback,

Taylor Swift ,

‘there's never a time when i don't have a boyfriend ❕’ ‘ I'll put you on my list (blank space)of boyfriends too ❗’

in the video, the gorgeous she says , ‘even if it's just a love affair , i get jealous!’

she intentionally created a song based on the image of herself that the world had in mind ,

she has an amazing ability to transform her love life into entertainment ❕❗

‘ 私には、ボーイフレンドがいなかった時は、無いわ! あなたも、リストに入れておくわ! ’ ‘でも、遊びの恋でも、他の娘に、嫉妬したりするのよ!🎵’ といった感じか?



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