contemporary- R&B, pop, soul

🇺🇸 Closer

2008, Year of the Gentleman- Ne Yo ,

songwriter:Shaffer Smith (Ne Yo),

when i saw his performance on m-video,

i think like this (he aspires to be a contemporary entertainer🎩 )

in fact, he said in an interview that (i was inspired by their performance, Sammy Davis jr, Frank Sinatra, )not to mention, by Michael Jackson❗

he reaches not only hip-hop fans, but also a wide range of audiences,

🎵why does she stay, this piece is a piano ballad, i listened to this song and it reminded me of Michael's ballads (🎵human nature- Thriller)

it is also good to listen quietly room alone,

it's a good album🎵❗

彼のm-ビデオを観た時、幅広いファン層に向けて、彼がパフォーマンスをしている様に感じました、 事実、彼はインタビューでこの様な事を語ってます。

僕は、サミーディビス ジュニアや、フランク シナトラから、影響を受けた!と


-contemporary- R&B, pop, soul

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