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🇺🇸 Flowers never bend with the Rainfall

1966  ,  Parsley , Sage ,  Rosemary and thyme - Simon & Garfunkel ,       

songwriter:Paul Simon ,             

the lyrics are difficult to understand,                        

‘ the King or pawn '      

Paul puts unexpected words into his lyrics , 

‘‘ 🎵so i'll continue to continue to pretend ,   my life will never end ’’ 

i like this part ,                                   

people live their lives pretending to be their false selves ,                         

〜☘️ there is also a version of this song that Paul sang solo about a year ago(the Paul Simon songbook),   

it would also be nice to listen to and compare songs 🎵 

‘ the King or Pawn ’ ?


‘私は、演じ続けるだろう’ の箇所が、好きです。







-folk, pop, folk, soft rock

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