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🇺🇸 Heartless

2008, 808s&Heartbreak- Kanye West ,

songwriter:Kanye West , Ernest Wilson,

Scott Mescudi , Malik Jones ,

he , who is always bullish, sings with a rare sentimentality ,

i like the animated music-videos directed by Hype Williams ,

the lyrics of many hiphop songs are simple, but he sings and expresses delicate lyrics by setting them to R&B and hiphop rhythms ,

this song is a backing arrangement that quotes the Alan Parsons Project's tune (🎵Ammonia Avenue) ,

〜☘️ hiphop artists such as🎤Drake have watched his back and been influenced by him.



バックのアレンジは、the Alan Parsons Project の🎵Ammonia Avenue からの引用です。

-hip hop, R&B

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