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🇺🇸 Murder Most Foul

2020, Rough and Rowdy ways - Bob Dylan,

songwriter:Bob Dylan ,

In 1960' Jhon .F. Kennedy defeated Nixon in the United States Presidential election in an extremely close race ,

‘‘ Ask not what your Country can do for you , Ask what you can do for your Country  ’’ 

i later heard the speech , suddenly, i realized , i suddenly felt ashamed of myself for wanting to be served ,

1962, Cuba Crisis , it was an international Crisis that occurred between The United States and The Soviet Union at the time ,

The United States promised to remove nuclear-powered missiles from Turkey, and The Soviet Union , in turn, promised to remove nuclear-powered missiles from Cuba ,

it is said that this was the closest moment to the outbreak of a nuclear war, and with his brilliant skill, he succeeded in averting it .

1963, 11. 22.

President Kennedy Assassination ,


he sang ,

‘‘ thousands were watchin' , no one saw a thing  ’’ 

this passage is true ,

people didn't see the meaning of this extremely dirty murder ,

he used pop and jazz music artists in his lyrics to express the flow of the times, similar to American graffiti, and wrote lyrical poems about this incident and the changing times from a divine perspective, there is ,

his songs and lyrics make us , who live in modern times , think deeply about this incident,

-folk, pop, rock

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