indie folk

🇺🇸 Mykonos

2008, Sun Giant (EP)−Fleet Foxes ,

songwriter:Robin Pecknold,

the lyrics are about Love , travel and self-discovery ,

their characteristic harmonies and acoustic sound characterize this song 🎵

🎤🎸Robin Pecknold , the worldview of his sounds and lyrics gives me peace of mind today, and, that pallid animals is me ,



〜☘️ ミコノス、というだけの理由で、

全く関係ありませんが、ミッシェル ポルナレフの、🎵ギリシャにいるジョルジナへ、という曲を、思い出しました、懷かしぃ〜🎵🐬

-indie folk

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