folk, soft rock hawaiian Surf rock

🇺🇸 Nightbird

1975, Kalapana- Kalapana ,

songwriter:Mackey Feary ,

the two vocalists played an exquisite harmony because their voice nature different ,

🎸🎤 Mackey Feary (1999)and Malani Bilyeu (2018),

Both have passed away , but their warm sound is still loved by people today ,

it's so sad that we can't hear that harmony live ,

but they left us some great songs🎵

マラニとマッキーの、ツインリード ボーカルは、声質が違うがゆえに、絶妙のハーモニーを奏でました、お二人とも、亡くなってしまいましたが、温かいハワイアンロックは、今も多くの人々に愛されてます🎵

-folk, soft rock, hawaiian, Surf rock

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