alternative rock grunge post- grunge

🇺🇸 One Last Breath

2001, Weathered- Creed,

songwriter:Mark T. Tremonti , Scott Stapp,

🥁 Scott phillips, nice drumming🎵

and, 🎤Scott Stapp, i like his singing voice🎵

its sound is heavy , but it also has a clean side and straight🎤

they were often compared to ‘Pearl Jam’ and ‘Metallica’ 🎸

its sound is not as aggressive as they (Metallica)are , not as political lyrics as they (Pearl Jam)

〜🌿 🎵with Arms wide open- Human Clay , the string sound Matched the content of the song ,

彼らのサウンドは、ポストグランジ ロックとして、パ−ル ジャムや、古くはメタリカ等と、よく比較されますが、メタリカほど攻撃的ではなく、パ−ル ジャムほど政治的な歌詞では無いです。


, , Alternative Rock

-alternative rock, grunge, post- grunge

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