pop , dance music rockabilly, rock'n'roll

🇺🇸 Summer Nights🎵

1978, musical movie- Grease,

I Like this song🎵

the scene where she skips with the girls is wonderful❗️🎵

it's a musical with all the famous songs, the musical story is completely different, but, why I am, I overlap with George Chakiris in ‘ West side Story ’ when I see John Travolta in ‘ Grease ’

🎵tears on my pillow- Sha na na,

it's a nice Band🎸 that tells us about american Rock'n' roll and pop in the good times,

American musical movie is the Best❗️❗️🐬 I pay tribute to the Creators.

-pop , dance music, rockabilly, rock'n'roll

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