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🇺🇸 Yellow Ledbetter

1992, jeremy(single)B-Pearl Jam ,

songwriter:Jeff Ament ,Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder ,

🎸M.McCready's guitar is really emotional🎵

are these lyrics about a letter he received when a close family member or friend died in the war?

this song is a popular song among fans as the B-side of the single ,  

92' シングル-jeremyのB面として、ファンの間でも、人気の高い曲です🎵


歌詞は、解釈が難しいが、Eddie が肉親か、友人の戦場での死の手紙を、受け取った時の、感情を綴ったものだろうか?



-alternative rock, garage rock, rock

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