🇺🇸Creedence clearwater Revival

who'll stop the rain🎵- c c r

I like this song🎵 their music was my

youth, the rock has a southern scent,I was wondering, even though it's a San Francisco band, it makes a sound with a southern scent, John Fogerty may have been influenced southern music,🎵 their predecessor band- blue velvet,* the Golliwogs* 🎵 fight fire , this is a different sound, but,🎵tell me,- this song gives a hint of future music of CCR

🎵suzie Q, lookins' out my back door, travellin band, proud mary- Elvis sang,

have you ever seen the rain,

this song was controversial as an anti-war song, they left a lot of masterpieces in their activities for a short time, I like all of their songs🎵🎸If, i'm a 20year old young rock bandman, when a person asks,* what kind of rock do you want to do?*

I answer, like CCR❗️



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