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🇺🇸Donna Summer

she's a disco queen🎵 but , she left a lot in the dance scene, her song is a soulful and erotic voice, 🎵love to love you baby, this song is a exactly like that, Giorgio Moroder . his achievements as a music producer are great, Album- once upon a time,🎵I love you, she also expresses well on the pop line, 79' Album-bad girls, jeff baxter . he is participating as a gutarist, he is a member of Steely Dan,

🎵hot stuff . bad girls. these were big hits❗️ How many pepople would have gone crazy?🎶 she goes beyond disco music, she has made a big contribution to spreading the Eurobeat, and again, she's a disco queen❗️

Bad Girls-Deluxe Edition (2cd)

-eurobeat , disco music

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