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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Fearless

1971,  Meddle-  Pink Floyd,

🎸🎤 David Gilmour ,  it's a soft song🎵 a song that talks to his guitar is good,

Roger Waters,   the lyrics are a little ‘ lesson ’

‘ overcome  difficulties in your own way ’ is it like this ?

⚽Liverpool FC - supporter-chorus (🎵you'll never walk alone),  It's Roger's idea,

why did he insert this part at the end?

that aside,

good in their mid-term work, it's a work without  Syd Barrett,

a good album that is mysterious and pastoral🎵 i like this album🎵🐬



ロジャ- ウォ-タ-スの詞が、少し、教訓めいてます、

( 困難は、自分自身のやり方で、乗り越えていきなさい!)


最後に、何故 リバプールFC サポーターの合唱を入れたのでしょう?彼のアイデアと思いますが、

さておき、 中期の作品のいい曲です🎵




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