hard rock

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Never Before

1972,   Machine Head- Deep Purple ,

🥁 Ian Paice ,  his drumming was fast quick and steady ,  he can keep the rhythm longer ,   the keyboard and drums in the second half and ending are  splendid❗🎵  the rock boys imitated his drumming ,

〜🌿 it seems that the first instrument he learned when he was a boy was the violin, he was right to become a drummer ,

🎤Ian Gillan ,  🎸 Ritchie Blackmore ,  🎹 Jon Lord , 🎸bass- Roger Glover ,

and   🥁 Ian Paice ,

Deep Purple  2nd term  is the best🎸🐬

イアン ペイスのかっこいいドラミングが聴けます。長く叩いても、安定したリズムキ−プができる、凄いロックドラマーです、この曲の後半の、ジョンロ−ドとイアンペイスの絡みと、エンディングが、かっこいいです🎵









-hard rock

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