avant-pop new age

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 the sound of someone you love who's Going away and it doesn't matter

1976,  Music from the Penguin Cafe- Penguin Cafe Orchestra,

personally,  i don't need the cacophony in the second half ,  the beginning was comfortable, so it was better not to have avantgarde parts,

at the time, music was difficult to categories , of course  they themselves probably didn't care about categories ,

intelligent music group,

it made me think ,what is music?

i call it that private chamber music(pop, rock)🎵

Simon Jeffes , his experimental popular music based on classical music is excellent 🎵

members change each time, it is a group that is not fixed ,

it seems to be a group born from Brian Eno's call (he didn't participate in this album),

two years later he produced an good environmental music album( Ambient 1 :music for Airports)

当時、ジャンル分けしにくい音楽でした、もちろん、この知的な音楽グループは、ジャンルなんて気にして無かったとおもいますが、 デビューアルバムの、この長い曲は、個人的には後半の不協和音ぽい部分は、要らないです、はじめ気分良く聴いていたからです。


2年後、イ-ノは、Ambient 1: music for Airports , という名盤を出します。







-avant-pop, new age

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