blues guitar, rock,R&B rock

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Bottle of Red Wine

1970, Eric Clapton- Eric Clapton

songwriter:Eric Clapton , Delaney Bramlett ,

i like this number that has a boogie-woogie style (c-maj, blues)and good beat 🎸❕

he brought on Delaney Bramlett as a producer , this album features many american musicians and has an american sound ,

at that time, he was obsessed with the music of ‘the Band’ ,

this album was successful because it focused more on the songs than the guitars ,

it may be said,that this album determined the direction of his subsequent album production,

デラニー ブラムレットをプロデューサーに迎い入れ、アメリカ的なサウンドのアルバムです。そして当時の彼は、ザ バンドの音楽に傾倒してました、ギタープレイよりも、曲に重点を置いた作りになってます、その後の、彼のアルバム制作の方向性を示したアルバムとも言えるでしょう🎸🎵🐬

-blues guitar, rock,R&B, rock

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