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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Hold Me Tight

1963, with the Beatles- Beatles ,

songwriter:Paul McCarthy ,

this song is one of their more modest songs, and critics seem to have criticized it harshly , and Paul and John also don't seem to like it as their own song ,

but still , for me , it's a song that brings back memories from my junior high school days,

at that time , i often sang that chorus part ,

(hold〜)(me tight〜)(tonight〜)tonight

it's you〜 you〜you〜you〜🎵




ビートルズの初期のアルバム、with the Beatlesに収録されている曲です、彼らの曲の中では、地味な曲で、本人達も、気に入って無い様で、評論家達からも酷評されていた曲です🎵

それでも、私にとっては、中学生の頃の想い出の曲です🎵 コーラスがシンプルで、よく歌ってました、🎵🐬



-rock, rock'n' roll , liverpool sound

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