blues blues guitar, rock,R&B

🇺🇸 Paying the Cost to Be the Boss

1968' Blues on Top of Blues-B.B.King ,

songwriter:B.b.King ,

this is his 14th studio album, released when was in his early 40s', his mature singing voice is young and firm ,

he's the great , biggest blues guitarist, self-explanatory ,

☘️ Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton etc, of course learned a lot from his playing🎸

彼が40才前半の頃の、アルバム、Blues on top of Blues の中の一曲です、声も若く、張りのあるボーカルで、goodなブルースギターが聞けます🎤🎸🎵



-blues, blues guitar, rock,R&B

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