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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Take a Chance with Me

1982, Avalon- Roxy Music ,

songwriter:Phil Manzanera , Bryan Ferry ,

the prelude is a little long , then it goes into Bryan's open vocals ,  in this song ,

Phil's guitar playing is well-balanced and effective 🎸🎵

after Eno's departure, he played the guitar to complement Eno's electronic sound ,

🎤Bryan Ferry , this is an album where his aesthetics come to fruition in the best possible way 🎵

〜☘️ Phil Manzanera, he started playing rock guitar under the influence of Jimi Hendrix , after, he worked on a fusion of rock'n' roll and Latin American rhythms ,

少し長い前奏の後の、ブライアン フェリーの、開放感のあるボーカルとフィルのギターが、いい感じ〜🎵 フィルは、イーノの脱退後、イーノのエレクトロニックな音の部分を、ギターで補い、ロキシーサウンドを支えました🎸🎵

-art rock, glam rock, rock

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