🇺🇸Stephen Collins Foster

massa’s in de Cold Ground🎵 I was humming the song,but I didn’t know the composer, I first learned about Foster when I was in junior high school, I found out that he had left a lot of songs, I don’t know about the pioneering era of America, but,

I imagine people were poor but their hearts were rich, meanwhile, he started composing, he thought he couldn’t make a symphony like a european musician, he found his way to writing songs, he also writes songs for the life of black people, considering the situation at that time, he is a courageous composer, it is reported that there was no copyright of music at that time, he makes little money for his great achievements, he died without the end of Civil War.

🎵oh, susanna, 🎵old folks at home,🎵 camptown races, 🎵old black joe, it is still loved all over the world,

and I’m singing too,

🎵old~ black~ joe~~

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