🇪🇸Alicia de Larrocha de la calle

Alicia de Larrocha. she is a great pianist🎹 with a long career as a piano player.

1987、l was living a corrupt life without knowing the way to go,

every day , music was my only friend.

I bought a classic music record a day,

it’s a Mozart piano sonatas – Alicia de Larrocha, I was impressed by her performance, I confess, I cried like a baby, the big man before 30 old,

her performance made me that way,

it’s was a melody that I had heard before I was born,

it felt like my soul blended into the music, it was my first, unchanging experience, I knew only the surface of the music, her performance taught me that deeply of music,

piano sonata no’ 11 a major k331, no’8 a minor k310, no’15,16 c major k545,

k545 is famous practice piece,

k310, the piece written in his mother’s illness has a tragic appearance, there are various theories about the interpretation of the piece, but I feel that it expresses deep sorrow,

her interpretation of this piece is wonderful. her performance was gentle , deep , and warm,

2009, she died,

but her performance is an invaluable treasure in my life.

Alicia de Larrocha Plays Mozart Piano Sonatas, Fantasias and Rondos

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