🇬🇧Marc Bolan

Marc Bolan,

as a rock star, the first thing that comes to my mind is him🎸

sound , visual , staging , charisma, he appeared just like Mercury.🎵metal guru,- when I first heard this song, I was fascinated by the number of his * quivering *voice, 🎵🎸 children of the revolution, – it’s a great number❗️🎵

their early days. Tyrannosaurus rex,🎵she was born to be my Unicorn🎵 he sings like a scat with an acoustic sound, I like this song🎵

Album- Unicorn, important person-Steve Took, he withdrew after this,

T.rex. after that, hits are repeated❗️pepople got drunk on his performance.🎵🎸Marc Bolan,

he was mysterious🎸❗️


投稿者: toshiyu03site


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