🇬🇧Roxy Music🎵

1974, album- country life,🎸 the thrill of it all, bitter-sweet, prairie rose,

I like this Album❗️🎸 phil manzanera-guitar, his work is wonderful🎵 prairie rose, the chorus is american, they will mature as romantic glam rock band later,

the sound making influenced the new wave of 80’s, ~ as the band matures ,

it no longer Rocks, after the dissolution,they reunited and made an Album, 🎵Avalon🎵

the album was a match between what the audience wanted and the sound of the mature band, 🎵 Bryan Ferry🎤,

1988′ his solo album, Mamouna,🎵your painted smile,it’s a woman’s song, but,that is also his greatest attraction,

he is an endlessly romantic man🎤🎵

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