🇺🇸Cyndi Lauper🎤

Cyndi Lauper,

I am a big fan of her❗️album- she’s so Unusual, it’s the best album🎵 she Bop, Girls just want to have fun ,

I danced a lot with that song🎵I can’t

dance well🐧 🎵 time after time, 1986,true colors, ~ she sings moistly🎤when you are mine by 🎸Prince~

she has made the song her own❗️❗️

she sings like a baby crying,

her expressiveness was amazing in * we are the world*🎤

1993, 🎵sally’s pigeons, is she singing that about her lost childhood friend?

she sings sadly🎵

*pirate smile* that part is quote from it

Elton Jhon-tiny danser 🎵she respects.

2008, into the nightlife🎵 hip number, she’s cute❗️

I always wish her success,

Cyndi~ my super idol forever❗️


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