🇺🇸Earth Wind&Fire

1975, album, *that’s the way of the world,* that’s a good album❗️🎵

I like * shining star* and * all about love* , maurice’s singing voice is wonderful with dialogue🎵🎤overall, it’s a mellow sounding album❗️

1977, he made a selling sound, of course, in a good way, and a divine album was born, it’s a * All’n All*🎵

serpentine fire , fantasy, jupiter,

that’s wonderful❗️🐬1979. album , I am, 🎵boogie wonderland,

he made the world dance❗️

*All’n all*,* I am *- these two are divine❗️

Maurice white is great❗️❗️

their music can be enjoyed as both soul and dance music,their achievements are great❗️

it’s just Fantasy❗️🐧


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